5 Team Retreat Ideas to Get Inspired

To say retreats are a hot concept right now might just be the understatement of the season. It would seem, the rest of us are finally catching on to what celebrities, professional athletes and other A-listers have known for years — retreats are the bomb dot com. These escapes range from single day workshop-style events to week-long sabbaticals, and often feature concepts centered around personal, professional or interpersonal development. 

Retreats aren’t only for the rich and famous, nor are they all about massages, mud baths and chakra cleansing (although that does sound lovely). They can also be focused experiences with goals tied to creative expression, personal development, professional improvement, and so on. There’s no “one size fits all” retreat formula, and that’s a good thing. People are different, and so too are the retreat concepts they connect with. 

Whether your ambition is to attend a niche retreat or host one of your own, the time has never been better to make that happen. A simple search of #retreat on Instagram returns more than 2 million post results, indicative of just how HOT this concept has become. 

The entire property at Harbor Stay in Melbourne, Florida, was designed with retreats in mind. With room for up to 45 overnight guests, 10,000 square feet of view-centric, multi-level deck space, and a state-of-the-art conference center on-site — the waterfront mansion is pretty much a blank slate for retreat visionaries. 

To help jump start the imagination, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite creative retreat ideas. Each month, we’ll highlight a few more of the themes and concepts we think are worth exploring, and check in with successful retreat hosts to hear what they have to say about bringing people together this way. Ready to get this inspiration situation rolling? Read on …

Five Creative Retreat Ideas
  1. Blogging Retreat: Is blogging part of your content plan or online presence as a small business owner or entrepreneur? Perhaps something you do as a creative or therapeutic outlet, or maybe a way to contribute your voice to a greater community conversation? Whatever your reason for doing it, setting aside a couple days to focus on and hone this craft can have dramatic effects. Coming together with other bloggers means you can bounce ideas off one another, learn from and encourage each other. If you’ve created a successful blog of your own, and have a strategy for helping others find their groove, you might consider hosting a blogging a retreat of your own! 

  2. Writing Retreat: Writing is more often than not, a solitary endeavor. However, it doesn’t always have to be. Stepping out of your regular writing space can be great for moving past blocks and inspiring new ideas. Imagine how great it would be to have an audience to share your work with as it evolves; Or how much fun it would be to brainstorm plot twist ideas with other writers. Whether your goal is to outline a novel, knock out a few new short stories, develop your characters better, or focus on research — doing it in paradise with other like-minded scribes sounds like a nice alternative to the solitary situation writers generally exist within.
  3. Vision Retreat: Do you ever feel like your moving through life on autopilot? Have you lost touch with your ambition, direction or life goals? It might be time to clear your schedule for a couple days and refocus on your vision. Vision retreats can be personal or professional, spiritually-driven or logical in approach, multi-disciplinary or hyper focused. It’s your blank canvas to create! This is a great way for life and success coaches to bring clients and potential clients together under one roof for a few high vibe days of shared life improvement. Guest speakers, collaborative workshops, goal setting activities, and vision boards are often part of the experience. At Harbor Stay, activities like a sunset kayaking trip, morning meditation on the dock, and fireside chats are also an option!
  4. Creative Retreat: Imagine spending a few days fully immersed in the creative process where the only goal is to refill your well of inspiration … sounds dreamy, right? Art, music, jewelry making, quilting, photography, poetry, videography, dance, performance, design, teaching, illustration and drawing and scrapbooking are just a few of the creative concepts people are hosting retreats around. Your creative tribe is out there, why not bring them together and start building a more connected community?
  5. Organization Retreat: Organization is definitely having a moment. The practice and methods behind organizing everything from schedules to entire households has moved into the mainstream in a big way, and for good reason. A more organized life, home, office and schedule improves mood, productivity, relationships, and time management. Why not turn it into a full-scale destination event? Organization experts could host workshops aimed at helping people outline and implement strategies for getting things in order, without ever needing to make a house call!
If you’ve connected with any of these creative retreat concepts, and would like to explore the possibility of hosting one of your own, we’d love to help! Harbor Stay is a perfect backdrop for all kinds of retreats, and seeing it used to help connect people with a passion, purpose or project is the “why” behind its creation. 
We’re as excited as you are about all these awesome ideas. Shoot us an email at [email protected] — and let’s get this conversation started!