The Rise Of Health & Wellness Retreats

When it comes to the health problems, it’s safe to say overworked is the new overweight.

The evolution of smartphones, remote offices in different time zones, and the “always on” nature of the internet — the world and workplace we live within never really turns off, rarely powers down, and is increasingly operating around the clock.

For most Americans, work hours are at an all-time high and time off hovers near an all-time low. In short, a lot of us are on track for burnout, or worse, a blowout.

It’s not all bad news though. This “new normal” has helped drive the growth of a booming health and wellness industry, which as of last year, was valued at more than $5 trillion globally. In fact, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) reports the wellness industry is currently growing at twice the rate of the global economy!

This shift has driven wellness-focused retreats and vacations to become nearly as mainstream as honeymoons and camping trips. Options like yoga workshops, meditation sabbaticals, and art therapy retreats offer a chance to unwind, disconnect, and revisit the connection between mental, emotional and physical health.

Never before has it been so important to retreat into self-care mode from time to time, and never before have there been as many options for how to make this happen.

The exhausted and overworked professional might find spending a few days kayaking, painting and relaxing by the river is just what the doctor ordered. Business owners and corporate teams often bring their employees together to unwind, reconnect, and de-stress. Those looking to dive deeper into fitness might seek out yoga, rowing or running retreats in hopes of taking their athleticism or practice to the next level. People searching for balance, clarity, or purpose are often drawn to meditation and spiritual retreats. Individuals struggling to lose weight commonly find the support systems the need at nutrition and healthy living retreats.

For nearly every niche need, there’s a retreat concept designed to provide a solution.

Unfortunately, for many of us, disappearing for a week or more isn’t a realistic option. Family life, work obligations and finite vacation days factor into the equation in limiting ways.

This is why wellness weekend getaways are growing in popularity.

After attending an Everything Brevard Unwrap the Best You event at Harbor Stay, Brevard County-based business owner and women’s wellness warrior, Annette Watson-Johnson knew immediately knew she wanted to host a retreat of her own in the space.

We’re coming together in October for an all-inclusive weekend aimed at building mental, physical, and spiritual wellness, wealth, business acumen and a strong network.

Annette Watson-Johnson

“My target is women who may be feeling mentally exhausted, physically drained, and frustrated with the outcomes of their goals,” said Watson. “We’re coming together in October for an all-inclusive weekend aimed at building mental, physical, and spiritual wellness, wealth, business acumen and a strong network.”

Watson, owner of Dynamic Participators Enterprise Inc., was seeking a space where attendees could stay together, making it easy to network, bond, and build authentic connections. She knew her professional audience would be best served by a weekend event, and loved the idea of staying close to home on the Space Coast.

Shorter retreats like Watson’s offer an opportunity to “get away” from it all for a couple days, sometimes without the actual hassle of leaving town. With Harbor Stay’s location in Melbourne, Florida, accessing the property from anywhere in Central Florida is easy. We’re just 20 minutes from the Melbourne International Airport, 60 minutes from Orlando International Airport, and just 10 minutes from Interstate 95.

Participants could finish their work week on Friday, head straight into weekend retreat mode, then be back at the office refreshed, refocused, and ready to roll by Monday.

Harbor Stay provides a unique venue for spending a few days focused on refueling the mind, body and spirit. The property comfortably sleeps 45, features a 10,000 square-foot deck and 170’ private deep water dock, and includes on-site access to a stand-alone, 1,400 square foot, turnkey conference center. There’s more than enough room for coming together, plenty of space for independent or small group work, and enough stunning waterfront views to inspire for a lifetime of watercolor memories.

The market for wellness retreats has exploded, bringing with it wide-reaching benefits for many of the lives it touches. Whether you’re hoping to find a retreat that speaks to you, or host an event that feeds the needs of others, there’s never been a better — or more important time — to consider making 2020 the year you get onboard with this life-enhancing trend.