Celebrate Your Special Occasion at Harbor Stay

Harbor Stay is a vacation rental property. Our guests are welcome to host special events onsite. 

Whether you’re hosting a milestone birthday, family reunion, small ceremony or baby shower as part of your stay, Harbor Stay is a destination all guests will love. Harbor Stay does not include venue services. Our guests manage their stay and are in complete control during the use of property. 


Things to consider

While up to 60 guests can be present at Harbor Stay, only 45 people are permitted to spend the night at the property. 

The property features many natural backdrops for photos. 


Ways to enhance the experience

We have several local partners we can recommend to make your stay even better!

Event Planners
Private Chefs and Caterers  
Yoga Instructors 
Water Activities
Massage Therapists  
Photographers + Videographers  Florists