Work or Play at Harbor Stay

The Space Coast is a magical place for coming together, whatever the reason. Rocket launches, beaches, boating, culture, nature, amazing weather and proximity to Central Florida’s most famous attractions have helped make Brevard County a world-renowned destination for visitors of all varieties.

But of course, you already know this. Chances are, it’s why you chose to live, work or visit here.

What you might not have known, however, is right here in your own backyard, is a work-play-stay-vacation rental option designed to elevate how we bring people together in Brevard.

Harbor Stay is a recently renovated vacation rental and retreat space located in the heart of the Eau Gallie Arts District . This epic waterfront estate features a 10,000-square-foot deck and 170-foot private dock overlooking the intersection of the Eau Gallie and Indian Rivers, directly across from Melbourne’s Ballard Park.

The 7,600-square-foot property is arranged to sleep up to 45 guests in shared bunk rooms and suites, with a design emphasis on the shared, communal spaces downstairs and outside. This layout makes it a perfect destination for a variety of gatherings.


Here are a few ideas for how this space could be utilized to bring your team, friends or family together … 

1. Girls/Guys Weekend Weekend 
Get the gang back together again! Whether it’s a reunion of college classmates, reuniting long-lost pals from across the country, or just a reason to get your favorite friends together — this is a perfect destination. There’s an awesome, arty downtown district ( Eau Gallie Arts District ) within walking distance. A couple miles in any direction will lead you to some of Brevard’s best options for nightlife, nature and local flavor. However, with a Jacuzzi, kayaks/SUPS, a fire-pit and a massive media room on site – you and your crew might decide to stay put and spend time together right where you are. 

2. Specialized Retreat 
Reset your mindset and reconnect with your goals, whatever those might be, in paradise. Harbor Stay would be ideal for retreats centered around Yoga, meditation, watersports (surfing, kayaking, boating, paddle boarding), self-improvement, coaching, fitness, art, health and wellness, personal development, outdoors, crafting, and specialized training – such as social media, marketing, finance, etc. The property features a separate, fully-equipped conference center with all the supplies and technology you might need to run a successful retreat. 

3. Corporate or Team Strategy Session 
Turn down the distractions, turn up the inspiration factor, and see what your team comes up with! Whether you need the space for a day or a week – Harbor Stay will work with corporate, community and team leadership partners to help connect the dots on brainstorming, strategy and training sessions. 

4. Family Reunion 
When was the last time you brought your whole family together? Harbor Stay is first and foremost a home, which means it’s built around amenities such as a well-appointed kitchen, living rooms and lounges, dining spaces and outdoor areas — in other words, all the places families gather. The property features two family suites (large rooms housing a king or queen-sized bed + bunk beds) well-suited for families, as well as bunk rooms, a master suite and 7.5 bathrooms. 

5. Home Base for a Big Event 
Though Harbor Stay isn’t designed for hosting events, it would be ideal as a “home base” for some of life’s biggest experiences. Weddings, graduations, celebrations and adventures bring people together. Wouldn’t it be great to keep everyone together? There are tons of amazing event venues in Brevard County, almost all are easily accessible from centrally-located Melbourne.